A special day, a magic moment, when a wing carries us high above the surface of the earth. A moment that takes us straight into the wonderful world of birds. The only living beings capable of moving in the skies and that can resist the earth’s pull. Man, in his constant search for adventure, has always dreamt of coming close to birds. Thanks to his capacity to create, to his powerful imagination, to his productive skills... wings were created for mankind. Wings that are rigid or supple or powered and that make man twirl around in an illimited three dimensional space.

ZUNZUN was born from this desire to flee freely, simply and gracefully. A wing to open the sky to all humble and amused pilots who are looking for that magic moment in flight when time seems to stop. When the material world disappears and when the pilot can be in full observation. For all pilots that dream of timeless flights and whose aim is just to fly. When a true adventure takes place under his wing.

ZUNZUN will tame all pilots and guide them towards a passion for flying...


ZUNZUN copyright 2011

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